Month: October 2012


Well, here commences my first blog.  I’ve created it for a few reasons:

First of all, anyone who knows me is aware that I am an opinionated individual, sometimes forcefully so.  Thinking is probably my favorite pastime, and I develop logical stances and therefore enjoy debating and persuading.  I will often use this blog to express said views, and occasionally indulge in a calm, rational rant if I’m particularly frustrated.

Second, I enjoy writing.  I plan to do some sort of part-time journalism (probably political) eventually, and this will be excellent practice.  If you’re reading this, congratulations!  You’re a guinea pig.

Third, I want to use this blog as a venue to express my beliefs and convictions, of which I have many (I figure it’s a more profitable outlet than Facebook).  I have a deep passion for the Truth, and I believe that our entire lives should adhere to it–in every aspect, large or small.  Life is about purpose; without a goal, we flounder in meaninglessness.  It’s about self-discipline and a drive for excellence, which is arduous but full of joy and satisfaction.  I hope to challenge and exhort others to never settle for the inferior, to take nothing for granted, to be radically devoted to God and follow Him through anything.  I’ll also be painfully honest about myself; I struggle just as much as anyone.  May this spur you on through hardship.

I’ll also write about particularly notable life happenings and fascinating discoveries.  Be prepared to read about theology, politics, cooking, literature, science, food industry, long-distance running, horses, music, and other multifarious subjects.  I will also post cogent or inspiring (or humorous) quotes and obscure vocabulary words.

Be forewarned: my posts may challenge your preconceived notions or step on your toes.  I merely ask that you respond in a reasonable manner and actually think about the offending idea rather than succumbing to emotional, impulsive retaliation or feeling personally attacked.  I want to make you think.  We don’t have to agree.  As Joseph Joubert said, “It is better to debate a question without settling it than to settle a question without debating it.”  Ignorance is not bliss–it’s tragedy; at least be aware of what ideas exist.  If your own beliefs are grounded in the Truth, you don’t have to be afraid of a test; in fact, the trial will strengthen your convictions, proving them trustworthy.  Always verify concepts based on God’s Word.  He is the ultimate source of Truth, its very definition.

In light of the previous paragraph, I will not say “I hope you enjoy reading this;” you may not (besides, that just sounds cheesy).  Think about what I write and feel free to ask questions or object to my words; if confronted with a discrepancy between my mindset and the truth, I will amend any erroneous areas.  If you do enjoy it, that’s a bonus.  And none of this is meant to sound hostile or pugnacious or insensitive.  Genuinely caring about another person includes saying what they need to hear, not just what makes them “feel good.”

In the Vine,