Running Barefoot in a Summer Evening Thunderstorm


Adumbrating clouds in the northwestern sky

Wild anticipation awakes within

The weather forecast called for a dry dusk

But now see simple raindrops confound the experts

Oh, the futility of prediction

Luck may favor the prepared

But Life favors the living

The brewing storm, gathering exultant vigor, beckons me

The thunder speaks what I wish to utter but cannot

When the lightning rend the somber skies, it sets ablaze the spark of my heart

The puddles invite my bare toes to join a swirling, leaping dance

New drops joining the celebration every moment

I want to be like the leaves on the tree

Who let the wind teach them the rhythms and gestures of an unknown dance

I want to be like the leaves on the vine

Whose faces are adorned with pearls of liquid crystal

The gift of breath has never been sweeter

It carries the revitalizing aroma of purified earth

The perfume of young, vibrant blooms

I flee nothing

Neither do I pursue

Running is a state of being

A place undefined by location

As the downpour absorbs me

Laugh in exhilaration

Surrender and freedom, utter elation

Closed eyes gazing at the veiled heavens

Mouth open in song to accept the earth’s nourishment

So raise your hands and receive this benediction

“May Yahweh bless you and keep you…”

Know fellowship with the Creator

Our fierce, wild, mysterious, extravagant, gracious warrior of a Creator

While some scurry to shelter, averse to the difficult blessing

I will revel in the manifestation of eternal power and divine nature

The deluge intensifies as night claims its domain

And like its Maker, the shower lends grace to the undeserving

Harsh headlights and streetlamps diffused and granted misty prism halos

Love washes over me in the form of Heaven’s tears

A cleansing and purging and revival of the earth

Violent and jubilant

Baptism and Resurrection

Displayed once again in darkness and glory


The adventure imparts meaning to comfort

For now in warm glow of home

Soup and tea

Worn pages of book and subtle melodies of guitar

the thunder is no threat, but a friend


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