Dance Nomad

This comes to you in two segments, nothing philosophical or deep, just a explanation of recent developments in my life.


Guess where I am…in the clouds! I know it’s been a long time since I’ve written, but there is time later to elaborate on the rather unpleasant and occasionally quite dangerous circumstances that left me indisposed. The more pressing matter at this time is an inability to contain my joy and thoughts.

This may sound odd, but dancing has rapidly become the most important thing in my life (to be specific, I dance a variety of vernacular jazz dance styles, mainly lindy hop and blues). I’ve never fallen in love with something so fast or wholeheartedly, or integrated into a community (an amazing one!) so smoothly.

One thing that this has changed is my location. I travel. A lot. Mostly weekend events in the southeast. It’s super affordable, since we carpool, stay on the couches and floors of local dancers (we’re all a big family, essentially), and pay a very reasonable price to register for days of dancing and very little else (not even sleep).

This also means that, until I find a higher-paying job that allows eating out, I live on peanut butter sandwiches, tuna, and starbucks double-shot espressos for a significant portion of my current life.

For the first time in my life, I’m actually proficient at packing, not over or under packing, rarely forgetting items of great import, (and intuitively packing the checked baggage to 45 lbs.) today, all in 20-30 minutes from “no preparations” to “walking out the door.” Also, let’s just appreciate that I walked out the door confidently with only a backpack and a suitcase. Let that former pack rat self burn and never be remembered.

I’ve never felt so free and excited! While I have flown on my own before, it’s never been this independent (with friends, or being dropped off/picked up by someone). This time, it’s not for anything I have to do, but pure pleasure. Who knows what lies ahead? …Well, I hope I know a good bit of it, since the weekend is fairly tightly scheduled. Also because I can think of several more catastrophic adventures that involve money that I don’t have.  But, to borrow a term coined by a favorite blues dance instructor of my (Ruth!), I’m practicing my grown-upping in the most wonderful way.

I think that part of my delight and satisfaction with this trip is how I’m responsible (monetarily, logistically, etc.) for all of it. This took so much hard work, and it’s worth every minute and every penny.


In retrospect, that trip was one of the best experiences of my life. New friends, exciting experiences (like public transportation), beautiful dances. What stands out to me now is the absolute freedom that I experienced, with no deadlines, nowhere to be or go. We had the world around us, we had each other, and we had no plan (other than the dances and workshops). It was time to talk, explore, see where the wind would blow us, and dance!

My hopes, as of this moment, are to make a lifestyle/career out of this, teaching and competing all over the country and world. No, it will not be a stable lifestyle or paycheck, but as I will elaborate on in upcoming posts, that is the last thing I want out of life. This is a joyful art form, with such a beautiful community of people. It’s like having a family EVERYWHERE. This is a way that I can live adventures, learn and teach, be creative, love life, touch many lives, see fascinating places…what’s not to love?

And, by the way, I highly recommend dancing to all of you. So much happiness!

Here are a couple videos to convince you:

3 thoughts on “Dance Nomad

  1. Hey Megan! I noticed you’ve been linking your blog posts to Facebook recently and I’ve been meaning to check them out. I’m glad you’re having so much fun! Traveling places and seeing new things is something I’ve always been interested in. Although I’m not so much into the dancing (I do think its fun, just not my passion) the thrill of exploring on your own is so satisfying. Maybe someday I’ll do my own exploring too! Anyways, I’ll see you around. It’s a shame our respective busyness doesn’t overlap!

    1. Thanks! It’s funny how much traveling and getting outside yourself lead to introspection. And you’re so right, we do need to carve time out of the idiotic game of life to spend time on something really valuable, like coffee together. 🙂

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