Thought vacation


Laid my thoughts down

Left them behind

Ran out the door

to move for joy

legs pumping

feet sinking into earth

and springing up into flight

I left my thoughts behind

emptied my mind

to experience reality

like a child

What do my senses know that my head forgot?

Magnolia blossoms perfume each lung-full of breath

inhaled, absorbed, they became a part of my being

Water and light

brushstrokes on sky

lit by departed sun

Crickets chirps

woven with bird calls

all bidding the world’s creatures good night

singing to welcome the darkness

to conjure oblivion for a time

My vigor and energy

my skin cannot contain

They seep through it

running down my face like anointing oil

salty on my lips

I see a rabbit

and stop


by its suchness

its very being

“I love you”

I say

“I’m so sorry”

apologizing for my whole species

“Go, Live!”

So I keep running

letting every burden

each minute but insidious worry


fall to the roadside

Sky now periwinkle grey

stars opening their sleepy, shining eyes

to welcome the night-dwellers

and tuck in play-weary children

to dream of a sweet tomorrow

I walk through the door

invigorated from exertion

spent with joy

I survey the little heap of thoughts

still where I left them

Kneeling, sort through them

Some return to rest in my head

others tucked into my deepest heart

Some I fiddle with

re-mold a little

Others, I laugh at their absurdity

wonder that they wasted my being

toss them aside

But a few remain.

(I am ashamed to say)

Gingerly pick them up

one by one

horrified that such were housed in my being

birthed by it

poisoning it

I shudder to see who I was

burn them

the ash becoming one with the soil

the smoke carrying sparks upward

until they become stars.

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