Yes, you!

You lovely starchild

I love you

(don’t forget)

lift your lifeless eyes

who dared to extinguish their flame?

suffocating the passion for existence

that once coursed like fire in your veins

You are a creature of the earth

feet not meant for this asphalt wasteland

lungs not meant for the stench and poison

that hover over each nowhere

that they have named a somewhere


Why wait?

Why waste another breath?

You rise in a daze

drag your unwillingly body to a prison

enslave your mind to their game

You spend hours in drudgery

to earn money

to buy things

to pay rent

so you have a place to keep

all that shit

that you never enjoy

because you’re always working.

trapped in a vicious cycle

run ragged

no options in sight

But beyond sight….

jump off the hamster wheel

place your cold hand in mine

Come, let us see what adventures await

outside the game

(outside the matrix)

Let us leave the spoiled children to their make-believe world

where they are king

where actions have no consequences

where they fight and kill for trinkets

of which they quickly grow bored

and stomp their feet and pout,

demanding better diversion

Let us see the green fields

the forests

the seas teeming with marvelous creatures

the dirt in all its complexity and mystery

Let us rejoice in the existence of the world

and our place within it

Let us weep for how our kind have fucked it up so grievously

by forsaking their place

Let us live quietly

and restore what we can

let time heal the rest

Hey, you

You’re beautiful

in every aspect

Silence any voice that would suggest otherwise

though it be backed by reason

or popular opinion


You are

You are Free

Free to live

to breathe

to love

to be

to laugh

to cry

You need no permission

Lift your face

meet the Sun’s gaze,

let it melt those illusory chains

let the Wind carry them into oblivion

Hey you

I love you

Your joy is infectious

You see the world with child’s eyes

You laugh and delight with each discovery

and I rejoice with you

learning from you

growing with you

So happy that you exist

So happy that you are learning and growing

into fully yourself

You are.

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