The Glorious Now

1ccef4bcf3137e4f3886c498026e89d2I shall not look at another being

any created thing

a fellow part of this world

and feel disgust or hate.

Only love


I resolve to see only beauty.

There is no tomorrow

only the glorious now

and the now after that.

The present exists

tomorrow always beyond your grasp

for it is only a phantom that you have fabricated

a paltry attempt to console your weary soul

because you did not live today.

You say,

After I finish school

when life slows down

when the kids are grown

when I have money

then I will live.


I have finally come to my senses


Awake, I sense

experience the world

as it is.

To chase a vaporous future

is never to feel.

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

These clouds, they exist

and are enough

and maybe somewhere,

they will shroud great mountain peaks

and when they reach their fullness of being

they will fall from the sky

not in defeat

no less glorious

and be one with the ground

and become lush peaches

plucked by a happy



life-loving child

nourishing the vigor that drives each joyous day for his dear little heart

that knows nothing of the defeat of adulthood.

The pit he shall fling into the great somewhere

and from the rain shall come a tree

and a man.

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