Wind in the Leaves

I am a creature of the Earth8a2ecc790c80c6cea5f72193b883f13a

child of the Stars

I know my place

and my place knows me

It is here

in the valleys and peaks

in the rivers and deserts

in the sunlight and tempest

not to rise above it

to some strange realm

isolated from what I most need

some vantage point

from which to devour

ravage and incinerate

what I no longer understand

Owning nothing

I am free

Knowing nothing

I may learn

Fearing nothing

I shall love

All that would obscure value

with arbitrary numbers

All that would make a being

run aimlessly in fear of ultimatums

All that would divert the mind

from the present, to drudgery

I let fall away

melt in the wind

Be still

There is no past

No future

I know only now

I am now

Explore the moment


minimal focus




The Wind stirs the Leaves

They dance

dance together

higher, lower

louder, softer

Movement to mysterious music

beyond my ears

oh! teach me to hear

I listen a whilece52f702039ee2b428b849a506d183c0

solely to

the wind in the leaves

giving a fraction of the attention they merit

yet more than ever before

The journey has begun

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