Creature of the Forest

594dfb0a405b726f63579cf69af2dcc5I am a creature of the forest

The rustling leaves

the cawing birds

they call to me

“Escape, child!

Find your home!”

So I run

away from the concrete jungle

into the wooded marsh

where I belong

Where cicadas’ choir

mingles bullfrogs’ chorus

and unseen birds trill in time

Crackling leaves and springy moss

carpet the forest floor

softening pits and roots

Verdant vines

suspended, entangled

a time-woven tapestry

Tiered canopy

as trees spread arms in joy

etching mosaic of light on earth.

Bare feet spring in joy

I feel I could run forever

The forest tunnels

dense foliage enclosing sandy path

A fork

one way overgrown

the other steep ascent

I choose the latter

leaping nature’s stairs

roots and gullies

Woodland opens

shards of sky

broad leaves a noisy carpet

I take a few wrong turns

–no, not wrong

I find new adventures

A signpost warns

of snakes and alligators

the creatures of this place remain

regardless of man

Some would say nature threatens

Venom and teeth

Poison and thorns

But this is a place of peace

though danger may accent its stillness

Let no fear deter my steps

This is life!

This is the moment!

a thought strikes me–

in situations involving risk

one must necessarily

live in the moment

fully now

present in mind, body, spirit

yes, to be aware of possible danger

but also simultaneously aware

of the constant beauty that IS

So constantly and truly present

Wind stirs marsh rushes and grass

I wish to be the water

so placid

at peace with the world

It cares not, continues

absorbs impact and remains

Reflects the beauty all around

Showing clearly what IS

making me aware of what I might have missed

Oh let me be so

at peace with all

revealing their beauty

a channel


A current

to carry the weary on life’s journey

Showing the way to new mysteries,

around the next bend

Resting at last

I sit, watch, listen

Oh, to dwell here always

A bee has chosen me

as companion

Buzzing with the day’s news

Hugging me with little tiny feet

I am tempted to be annoyed

To resent its existence

for so we are taught from youth

But no.

It is also a creature of the forest

of the world

with as much right as me

(probably more)

to be here

I love it

its very existence

No creature is an inconvenience

Sun sets

bcf8d5492e6629aca1ef321981656755still bestowing golden light to

jade leaves

azure sky

pale wisps of cloud

And the cicadas

bid me good night

Good night…

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