Out the Window

Having tasted of the eternal7e24dc45dac506686efdbb0998a7dc81
am I now to return to the transitory?
To act the part
recite my lines in turn
upon the stage of life
to play the game
a pawn moved by the capricious decree of dice
in this game of life

To willingly surrender
to be a cog in the vast machine
put in a little box on the shelf
at their disposal

The doors are locked
we are told
for our own safety
asphyxiating safety
there are monsters
they say
you will die alone
they say
starvation and chill to the bone
are deadly certainties
they say
And those who leave are never seen again.

But slowly I come to understand the truth…

2eadfeb087458e0d332196c15e0dd972See, I can’t do this anymore
can’t take the mundane routines
sleepless nights
carrots held before our eyes
hollow promises of reward
just one more degree
one more ladder rung
What if…
Those defectors never returned
because they didn’t want to?
What if they found a better life?

So I climb out the window.

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