Month: August 2015


8d33ef0d40c401cca74d0d246b636986As days pass into the oblivion of routine
one desire, ever-present
growing clearer and more poignantly painful
with each tick of the clock
The mere mention of the outdoors, of nature
The sight of photographs
that capture what so few eyes have seen
so few feet have trodden
Remind and rekindle
My soul longs to be
desperately needs to be
in the middle of nowhere
the only true somewhere
So sick of a secure life
where I can tell you exactly where I’ll be and when
where deviance incurs dread consequence
those who cannot run the rat-race fast enough
crushed beneath the steamroller of progress
So sick of hurtling down asphalt corridors
through a concrete wasteland
a jungle of steel pipes and desolate boxes lined up in rows
boxes in which we imprison our lives
spend most of our days hiding from the real world
The happiest moments are free
when I simply close my eyes and experience
Sun on skin
Earth beneath bare feet
chorus of birds and trees as they revel in another day in this place
when I am no longer a consumer
but a participant in this cosmic story
free to absorb life and give it
done with the calculations and deadlines
with owning and being owned
Why does the illusion again ensnare me?
When all that remains is to let go
and be free?