Heartache, My Home

02c7c89ac3bc03dbf51a62c23197ca1dWhat a paradox, this feeling
To reach this state of melancholy
The music, the wine, the inner turmoil
Where my soul feels most at peace
I belong here
sinking into the pain
comforted by the tears
It hurts like hell
That terrible knowledge that I am meant for suffering
Conflicted, for as much as a knife severs my soul from body
I have some resilient, unnamed hope
For what is art, but pain?
And what should come from this suffering, but beauty?
What is existence, but the full experience of every reality?
And mine is the joy and pain that truth fuses into a fire
that warms weary body
burns cold flesh
lights mysterious path
casts shadows on every face
Oh existence
how you cast my mind into a maelstrom of wondering
and wonder
elation and doubt
What is there
but to live?
Take each moment as it comes
experience its fullness
whether flying high or cast into the abyss
And those whose stories intertwine with yours for a passing time
let them be
let myself be
We are but lonely souls in the darka1ea0f1b731dc5c49fe6bc824139979d
and stumbling upon the light of another
we cling
too hard and too long
knowing not that both light and darkness
must reside in our being
Let us learn from each lovely creature
and let go when our stories must part
Be at peace

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