The Shores of Our Souls

tumblr_n6txmrXuRz1rqmuhto1_1280We are each and alone
traversing this glorious wasteland
at times making a path
other times following the footprints of others
Not that either one is the correct way
just a way
Sometimes those paths cross, or intertwine
The problem, and beauty
comes when those paths are like electrical wires to one another
when sudden connection sparks unawares
and two little creatures delight in the other’s existence
The beauty is the intensity
the depth
of the fire and inspiration
that arise from the simplicity and drabness of the circumstance’s semblance
The problem is the intensity
the depth
of the desire that takes hold in those minds
wishing amiss for permanence
For life is transient and ever-changing
nebulous, the ebb and flow of tides
driven by whimsical moon’s decree
and we the bubbles of foam on its azure waves

Can we learn to love without attachment?
Can we learn to be enough?
The spaces in our togetherness are the freedom
that allows us to appreciate the other
not possess it
for by grasping we kill
though with the best of intentions
Truly, good intentions are the most deadly
for they can blind an otherwise clear mind
beguile the sincere heart

Seasons pass, and though we mourn the death of the falling leaves,
we ought to celebrate with them
the fire of brilliance that gives birth to new life in time
Life’s autumn is the shedding of the unnecessary
Freeing us to live the present moment
Grieve, let winter’s frost chill your soul
let it lie dormant beneath the comforting death of snow
for sorrow is no evil
Practice heartbreak for time
until the warmth of new love melts the grave
until tears have watered dormant seeds
and the saplings of hope resiliently find their way to sunlight
the buds of spring’s hope opening tentatively
learning to love again, undeterred by past pain
Grow to maturity, rejoice in summer’s bounty,
heedless of the winter that is sure to sever ties again

I am myself
and you are yourself
If our souls find communion,702d80f64fa42f081e271361b7c8ee46
let us still remain who we are
plunge headlong into the rush
but tie no bonds
for intensity implies no duration
and forever is an alluring chain
Make no promises
but be sincere
Let there be no mind-games
no expectations or debts
We belong to none but the whole world
Held only by the hand of Life
Like the caged bird or the plucked blossom
We would wither
Only by letting go can we love

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