You smiled.

5774ff2089a44fea50394ea0c5c26949There is nothing so lovely and contagious as the unreserved happiness of another person. When they revel in the moment, delight in its being and their own. What an honor that they choose to share their light with you, open the window to their radiant soul. Vulnerable in their honestly, unafraid of being hurt, unashamed of their boundless joy. They are living fully in the moment, accepting and loving every facet of it, utterly satisfied and elated with it. Their smile shines with the resplendent candor of the universe, the stars singing in their eyes.


I delight to be with you in this moment. Nothing exists beyond this point, and nothing need exist beyond it, for eternity dances within it. The street lights’ golden reflection turns drab pavement romantic,
the drizzle’s haze makes music with the leaves, and the 8c5013e7fdc2c9330dd3ad623a71f523-2ordinary becomes magical. For a moment, I lose myself. I see through your eyes, and the world comes alive. The moment overwhelms me. That you are happy, and happy for me, and I for you…what solace washes over me with the rain, assuaged are the fears of being scorned, an afterthought, or in forced hiding. The soul-crushing self-censorship is lifted. You are a haven, where I can allow my jaded mind to experience the moment’s fullness and fear nothing.

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