Snapshots in my head
An endless reel, cycling
until they are etched
into my retinas
into my dreams
until they are commonplace
taken for granted
What is not commonplace, however
is the way they change so radically
Not in content
but in effect

In that moment of its making
that snapshot was perfect
And the next day, it made you beam with joy
As long as you were in that happy place
it brought such warmth to your soul
Perhaps you even started relying on these happy snapshots
to be happy
like a shortcut to a better place
until habit made them constant companions
Little did you think
little did you know
That such habits would bite you harder than they embraced
When life shattered
When loss hit you, took your breath and peace away
Those moments that you loved became your worst tormentors
Unable to block the images seared on your perplexed heart
Perhaps you can move on one day
and those snapshots will be bittersweet
a mere pang, momentary ache
And then you can brush off the hurt
return to the moment
for life is happening
more memories to be made
snapshots, happy or sad
confusing or peaceful
to be made
And who would miss that?

But until that day
we burn

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