Cityscape bathed in stardrops
Stillness strewn with sky’s fireflies
Hazy lunar orb the only heavenly light
reaching human gaze, through the celestial curtain
Ominous peace, the puddled earth telling the night’s story
of torrential gusts, rumbling cloud-roars
searing flashes of purple-white heat
as paltry humankind could but peer through the glass
hearts tremorous or thrilled
witness to such power
beauty and violence so heedless of the creatures below

I wish to run
but not to flee
to fling myself headlong into the deluge, and dance
dance with the drops that plummet and leap
with the bolts that rend angry black skies

When earth and sky are spent
breathless and tranquil
When dust-dwellers venture out once more
may our songs harmonize with those of the stars
sins of earth washed clean by the cloudburst
incinerated in sacred cremation of consciousness
sink into a sea of light
the watery air afire with dragon’s breath
but now still, silent
Float on the sea of darkness


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