Month: March 2016

We are Ocean


The blurred lines between my existence and yours

as foamy caps on waves that ebb and flow

crash on ivory shores

And as the ocean

we are one

for it takes but moments and those lines are


in the untameable unity that we are

the rolling waters swirling my own heart and yours

and those of all beings

into the great, mysterious dance

Souls undefinable

a glorious, vast sea

of all and nothing

of one, all

We live and die

rise to the pregnant sky

and fall again to earth

with new face, but same heart

Running, flowing

always going


through rivers and streams

or beneath earth

until we find our place once more

We are the blood

the sweat

the tears of Earth

drawn to the vast pool

the dwelling

where lost we find ourselves

where absorbed we are whole

where power and peace


May the currents of Fate carry us

through every life’s circle

The Untamable Ones


We are the Eponines and Eowyns of the world
The closet romantics
the strong ones
who cannot live in a box
We are the cold untouchables
who gaze through icy windows and long for a hand to hold
We must fight
and fight alone
We are confident
and that is too often seen as dismissal
We walk abandoned streets on rainy nights
forsaken hill lands on gray windy days
In solitude is our peace
a peace that is our companion even on the raging battlefield
a peace that runs in tears on pale cheeks
as a quiet mountain spring hidden from the world’s view

We are the wanderesses who know that love is not found in security
who refuse to sacrifice all that we are for some fantasy
We would rather walk these paths honestly
whether or not another’s feet shall tread beside
than forsake the path entirely to be eclipsed in the footprints of another
We ask not for your protection
nor validation
We do not need you to complete us
neither shall we complete you
But we promise something greater
To stay because we choose
not because we are bound
To love fully
from a heart whole in itself

But here we stand
forever doomed
to watch from afar as others are chosen
As those for whom we would have given the world
who we thought were courageous
take the safe route
forsake their passion and vigor
for the predictable decline of slow death
the numbing comfort of acquiescence
Yet somehow we love them still
Collecting heartscars like battle-wounds
each pang a story that no ears shall hear
a world of joy and pain that we must relive daily

We care too much
Raging idealists
Willing to die for what we love
We are too much
Raging wildfires
Scaring away those who cannot bear the heat
Perhaps it is for the best
but beneath our tough exterior
a wounded heart bleeds afresh with rejection
Perhaps if we were broken and helpless
we could find some semblance of love
enough to dull the ache of the comatose role they demand of us

But no
We are whole
We are alive
and will not choose the ease of death

We are she whom you cannot ignore
She who shatters the fragile fantasy
in which you have barricaded yourself
She who belongs to no one

We are the untamable.