We are Ocean


The blurred lines between my existence and yours

as foamy caps on waves that ebb and flow

crash on ivory shores

And as the ocean

we are one

for it takes but moments and those lines are


in the untameable unity that we are

the rolling waters swirling my own heart and yours

and those of all beings

into the great, mysterious dance

Souls undefinable

a glorious, vast sea

of all and nothing

of one, all

We live and die

rise to the pregnant sky

and fall again to earth

with new face, but same heart

Running, flowing

always going


through rivers and streams

or beneath earth

until we find our place once more

We are the blood

the sweat

the tears of Earth

drawn to the vast pool

the dwelling

where lost we find ourselves

where absorbed we are whole

where power and peace


May the currents of Fate carry us

through every life’s circle

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