Month: April 2016

Tattoos on My Soul

Tattoos on my sould90bc33ba6e5561a4f20e8ebdb4dccd9
So foreign, yet so much a
part of me
yes, they heal
but forever leave their mark, yet

they do not define me
for beneath the inked chronicle
lies blood and bone
heaving lungs, beating heart
Though they have shaped me
though I be judged daily by countless
Strange eyes
they are not the sum of my
Being, but when

is peace?
When is healing?
Perhaps when I can remember
without tears
but I don’t think this pang shall ever leave
that is no wrong, but

I shudder too often
at memory’s catlike approach, so soft
it seems, until
the claws
Though that time was once my home
it remains not
nor should
All things have their time and place
but my stubborn heart would

to circumstantial happiness
So many hours wasted on “what if
this had not changed?” but what if
it had remained?
Cheating loss and heartbreak, what
might I have missed?
No telling, nor regaining
Only the next footstep,and the next
Though fog obscure the way
each guide has its time
73b917f153d76c1f38bd7b36e88aa64ahowever long or fleeting
But they all are dead
and gone, to me
No fountain of tears shall

them, but I may rise from the
of my incinerated soul
And learn to live again.