The Silent

Spectators, silent96012361dfee4efc0b6367206a16a3f7
Witness to the suffering
Shying from the oath
We prefer to abdicate our consciences
and numb
anesthetize our actions
Don blinders as we rampage
seeing only the score
in the sport we make of existence
Blissfully ignorant
So they say
So we repeat
So we don’t see the truth
So we don’t break beneath
Guilt’s load
But this is an ignorance of will
of animal fear
unable to peer
around our shields
See the light
See ourselves
Once such glaring reality assaults
our sheltered retinas
Callous hearts
There is no going back
but we are incapable of going forward
Or so we believe
swallowing the lie
hook, line, sinker
till snared on the lines they feed us
choking on the barb lodged in our throat
unable to cry for help
or speak out against evil
Silent screams are all that remain
frozen in some grotesque plea
Crumbling statues, whose ruins
shall be humanity’s only grim monument
The silencers
The silenced
The silent

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