Schooled in Bloodlust

a052a0f0af1c68e995b94543287b63b5Eyes spark, hearts race
The bloodshot frenzy, rabid thirst
rapidly degrading into guilty horror
The gore
The open veins
Spirits fly away in the gunsmoke
So many last words
Silent screams, on deaf ears
Steely eyes blind, save for the scope
Where all are prey, dealt death
Mere instruments of the world’s puppeteers
deluded by dreams of grandeur and heroism
Pawns, at the throats of their own kind
Youth’s power confounded
If only we knew our own strength
but the despots have their uneasy rest
for another generation, at least
until some wide-eyed, eager hearts are again
ripe for slaughter
To be carved up for the banquet of bloodlust
Devoured by vampiric kings
To stain grasses fed by their fathers’ lifeblood
How long until we stand and defy
all that would pit us against our brothers?
There is no nobility in the indiscriminate annihilation
Each heartbeat silenced is a story ended
burned in a heap to warm the feet of the power-crazed
They paint sanguine portraits of strangers
teach us the word “enemy”
drive love from our hearts
until fear makes them pump hard and fast
forsaking reason and clarity
bent on destruction
They load us down with burdens of death
to make us forget we can fly
replacing real power with illusory,
freedom with deadly toys
But drop the weights, fly away, and look back
See the chaos, the terror
Young souls who ought to know life’s bounty and adventure
crawling in holes, glancing over shoulder,
unable to trust, not even themselves
You see, from this height
there is no “good” and “evil”
Only lies
Lies to disempower and destroy
Confusion reigning in bright minds
whose flames are all but put out
Civilization is suicidal
killing, time and again, its only hope
And for what?
Petty differences
Inculcated with intolerance from the cradle
each innocent mind poisoned, learning to fear the other
rather than rejoice in its beauty
But this depraved destiny,
foisted upon us before we could fight back
this bloodbath our inheritance, waging wars
we didn’t start
against those we do not hate
asking why in agony
But silence is our only answer
or worse
hastily spat generalizations
to drive us back into fear
to threaten our illusory security
lest we question once more
So march on,
For the sake of god and king and country,
or whatever reason they gave you this time
For justice, bringing the hammer of vengeance
upon the heads of the innocent
who can make no sense of the brutality
For peace, for of course it shall only be found in warfare
For honor and duty and glory,
Rage against those just like you,
whose hearts desire the same as yours
whose ears have heard the same lies
whose eyes wear the same blinders
And let the tyrants laugh at you
in twisted entertainment
Gladiators in the ring
Caged, escape an illusion
for only Death is promised to all

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